Dumpster/Mini Debris Bin Rental


Dirty JobsNJ does not currently offer traditional large work site dumpsters however the relationships and contacts that we have acquired in the industry over the years allows us to get dumpsters of any size at the cheapest price.

Mini Bins

Small enough to fit anywhere Big enough for any job!

Mini bins for , homeowners, or businesses.Put any number of bins together to create the desired dump space you need.


Construction debris: place bins in key locations to cut down on clean up time.

Construction debris: use two separate loads to make money and/or save money on dump cost.

Go mobile, mini bins are fitted with wheels which allow you to navigate over tough surfaces.

Get closer to the action, the dimensions of our bins allow them to be placed in elevators and through doors.

Haul trash or move bulky items.

Yard clean ups and landscaping.


Transport inventory

Electronic waste collection

Paper and Recycling

What option works best for you?

Self services

You haul and dump.

All we need to know is how many bins or how much dump space you require and the amount of time they will be needed. When you're done, we pick them up.

Full service

We haul and dump. We drop the determined amount of bins off for the time requested and just like trash day you place them out front on the curb and we take them away.